General Submissions

Quarterly West is currently closed to submissions and will reopen in September. We accept submissions via Submittable only. To go directly to our submissions categories, click the link below:

QW is looking for writing that is: Exciting. Challenging. Risky. Unpredictable. And Different.

We could say what different means, but then we might receive a slew of submissions that are all different in the same way. Different will be victim to form—to the “fragment sentence,” “non-linear plot,” and “hybrid genre.” Different will be beholden to space, time, story, and moment. This does not seem the way to open the door for Different.

We think Different doesn’t open a door, actually. Different doesn’t know doors or windows. Different stomps in. Maybe it seeps in. Sometimes, and in our favorite works, different is always already there and it strikes flint and blazes. This is what we look for.

Send us your work. Seep in. Stomp in. Strike us. Set the familiar voice on fire.


We are happy to accept simultaneous submissions, though if your work is accepted elsewhere, we request that you withdraw your manuscripts promptly through submittable (do not email us to withdraw work). To withdraw individual poems, please use the “comments” section on submittable.  

A note about the submissions fee: as with many endeavors within the literary arts, Quarterly West hopes to move toward a more economically sustainable model. We have implemented a modest fee ($2.00) for Poetry and Fiction submissions to help cover the costs of operation.
Unfortunately, we are unable to return any print manuscripts sent for online publication. Any manuscripts that are sent to us, even with a SASE, will be recycled.

Please do not submit more than one entry per genre at a time. No previously published work will be considered.

Quarterly West acquires First North American Serial Rights for the work we publish. All rights revert back to the author upon publication. If your work is later republished, we request you note its initial publication in Quarterly West.

We ask that former contributors wait at least one year after publication before submitting new work.


Chapbook Contest


Quarterly West is thrilled to announce our new 2017 Chapbook Contest!


This year, we’re trying something new. We’ve decided to do away with genre classifications. That’s for you to decide. The winning writer will receive $500, publication, and 20 copies.


Send us poetry, short-fiction, non-fiction, or any combination or hybridization therein.
Please keep your submission to 18-44 pp.

No restrictions as to subject matter or form apply, although we urge you to look at our About Us statement for the type of writing that we favor. As judging is blind, any manuscripts with identifying marks (including an acknowledgements section) will be discarded.

The submission fee is $25. The deadline is June 1, 2017.

To submit, click here:


About Our 2017 Chapbook Judge
Garrard Conley is the author of the memoir, Boy Erased, out from Riverhead (Penguin) May 2016. His work can be found in TIME, VICE, CNN, Buzzfeed Books, Virginia Quarterly Review, and others. He has received scholarships from the Bread Loaf, Sewanee, and Elizabeth Kostova Foundation Writers’ Conferences and has facilitated craft classes for Catapult, Grub Street, Sackett Street Writers Workshop, and the Fine Arts Works Center in Provincetown.