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J.P. Grasser

Managing Editor

Amy Sailer


Assistant Editor

Matty Layne Glasgow


Prose Editors

Michelle Donahue, Alyssa Greene, & Alyssa Quinn


Poetry Editors

Jacqueline Balderrama & Samyak Shertok


Books Editors

Jason Daniels & Sam Thilén  


Special Features Editor

Adam Gianelli 


New Media Editor

Paula Mendoza & Michelle Macfarlane


Reviews Editor

Vanessa Shannon


Web Designer

Cori A. Winrock


Web Coding

Zach Abrahams


Web Ephemera

Book Arts Program


Social Media Coordinators

Matty Layne Glasgow 


Editorial Intern

Madeline Slack


Staff Readers

Alexander Luft

Alleliah Amabelle Nuguid

Alyssa Quinn

Amanda Laabs

Andrew Kozma

Becky Thomas

Benjamin Blackhurst

Ceridwen Hall

Colby Cotton

Courtney Kampa

Eliza Tudor

Esther Lin

Graham Barnhart

Hannah Suchor

Helena Chung

J Bruce Fuller

K Chess

Kara Krewer

Kevin White

María Isabel Álvarez

Michelle Macfarlane

Nahal Jamir

Rachel Zavecz

Rebecca Hodgkins

Rebecca Johns

Ryan Black

Tanner Lee

Taylor Koekkoek

Tristan Durst

Wendy Oleson

Yael Massen




Founding Editor

James Thomas

Content Sharing Partnership

Quarterly West is a proud partner of The Academy of American Poets! Since its founding in 1934, The Academy has advocated fiercely on behalf of poets and poetry through many avenues, including Poets.org, an online publication that brings great poetry to readers on an international scale.


Through this partnership, we at Quarterly West are excited to bring poems that first appeared in our pages to a wider audience, and to help our brilliant contributors find the broad readership they deserve. 


Click here to learn more about The Academy of American Poets. Happy reading! 

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