Mama, I'm In Deep




                              again, been trailing

behind my lace                

                                          again, been


telling all my suns they need to hold

a holy but even summer’s a slicker,

mama, a wash,

                           & another thing is


thunder, I may wish

                      for the sword but I’m soft

in the skirt when I see



                                        the girls soft

in theirs, I know, the unknown




from them, & then it’s a fury in the

May my mind lost


                             as if the garden God

pruned His men out of

                                          fed the fire out

from under feeling



                          what I feel what I tell

myself to remember


                        sulfur, smoked between



her lips I heard

                                      the coming of

the Lord but couldn’t loose

                                     myself, mama,

couldn’t burn my bad



                                    old beauty down

to the cherry topping a tube of paper

rolled around then licked, livid,

                                                        was her

tongue dried

                       honey, burnt marvel,

the slats of a barn raised up


the hands


                   said they feared a Lord with

ugly lips, I know



                          it’s not right but I



            know what my left is doing,

mama, under

                        the hunger I found my

self in half

                   a mine & half

                                                  a her



bodied, cold as cut grocery

                                    roses, a bloomed

sickness all pink smelling, mama, & I

don’t know if it’s my



                                   self or your God

I should blame.

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